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The power of Haxe + OpenFL

Developing with Haxe and OpenFL provide unique cross-platform opportunities to seamlessly build rich applications and software for mobile, desktop, and web.

Native Performance

Leverage Haxe to cross-compile straight to C++ on supported platforms and harness the power of native code.


Experience the ease of publishing your app to the web via the html5 target or to popular wrappers like Electron.


Develop powerful fullstack solutions without leaving the comfort of a single, familiar, high level programming language. This is what makes Haxe uniquely special in a fast moving technological landscape.

Why OpenFL?

Powered by Lime and written in Haxe, OpenFL goes almost anywhere and is capable of doing, well, pretty much anything. While we are happy to use any tech stack a customer prefers, we often recommend Haxe and OpenFL to cut costs and development time.

A small look at some of our current projects.

  • Directorhx Screenshot

  • Sdo Screenshot

  • Sdo Screenshot 2

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Getting started with Haxe and OpenFL

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